About us

At Member23, we provide you with a best in class shopping experience as our clients’ satisfaction matters the most. We collate a seasonal casual collection to tantalise. Tailored to meet your needs when enjoying exploring the world.

At Member 23 we believe every step is an intention and that’s why our exquisite clothing is made to support each step of your journey!

Our story

Our founder Harmony Murphy believes “Every Step Is An Intention”. Harmony has travelled the world working in communities to get a deeper understanding of humanity, leadership and togetherness. The clothing line came from global mobility, travel and intentional good work to learn and aid others. One observation of Harmony’s was everyone sets out with an intention…so make it a good one; an inclusive one, to lift others, spread joy and carry that wherever you go.
From a single parent background to trail blazing through the media and tech industry of the UK Harmony has worked at Google, eBay and The Telegraph understand retail at scale. Has worked during difficult times and membership and network has keep her going!
In Murphy’s own words: “We are more than just a brand, we are an ethical community -our capsule collections are an expression, our member 23 events an experience..every step is an intention so walk with us as a member to drive further joy - luxury in clothes, peace of mind, richness in heart”
A platform for ethical clothes and equitable lifting of others!